Meetings every Thursday at 7:30pm in CW202!

EBoard Alums! (In no particular order):
Kaitlin Wan

Kaitlin Wan


Kaitlin majored in Computer Science and she is from Queens, NYC. She is interested in pursuing either Software Engineering or Product Management. In her free time, Kaitlin likes organizing hackathons, photography, cooking different kinds of foods, and playing video games. She hopes to host more professional development workshops and create a warm and inviting CS community in ACM. (She was literally the backbone of this club. Shout out to her)

Ryan Geary

Ryan Geary


Ryan Geary majored in Computer Science and Mathematics and he is from Utica, NY. Major interests include Full Stack Development as well as general Software Engineering. Outside of ACM, Ryan was also the President of the Binghamton Parliamentary Debate Society, as well as general interests in politics and music. He also made this website, so any insults against the design of this, aim at him :)


Nikolas Burzynski


Nikolas (Niko) Burzynski majored in Computer Science and Mathematics. He is currently doing research with Professor Kenneth Chiu on the applications of machine learning in cancer cell pathology. When he is not doing schoolwork or coding, Niko likes to play sports, hike, ski, and listen to music.

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