Meetings every Thursday at 7:30pm in CW202!

Welcome to Binghamton ACM! We are a computer science club here on campus. We hold weekly workshops where members present on interesting topics in Computer Science. Bing ACM also holds coding competitions each semester with cash prizes. If you are an aspiring Computer Scientist, a programming hobbyist, or even just mildly interested in computers, this is the club for you. Hope to see you at our meetings!


General Interest Meeting

January 25th

Social Event

February 1st


February 8th

Coding Competition

February 15th

Course Registration Advising

March 28th

Coding Competition

April 4th

File Compression Algorithms

April 18th

Functional Programming Languages

April 25th

Game Night!

May 2nd


Josef Schindler

Josef Schindler


Josef is a Senior studying computer science who has worked on some useful projects, such as a mealplan money calculator to assist with mealplan budgeting. In his free time, Josef likes to play strategy games, hike, and listen to music. He believes that ACM is a great opportunity for students to gain a sense of community on campus while improving their professional and technical skills. In addition, Josef has an affinity for teaching and loves to help others academically

Nicolas Said

Nicolas Said


Nick is a Junior computer science major. He has worked on many interesting projects like designing games, such as deal or no deal, and he enjoys playing sports like volleyball and lacrosse. Outside of classses, you can often find him playing video games, hanging out in the union, or working on personal projects with some friends. He thinks that ACM provides many learning opportunities to students who are interested in computer science, and it is a great place to meet new people and learn new things.

Ezra Dryer

Ezra Dryer

Senior Advisor

Ezra is a Senior studing computer science, and enjoys learning about security related aspects of computer science and game desgin. Ezra spends his free time reading, playing video and board games, and hanging out with friends. He likes the community ACM has fostered at Binghamton, and enjoys talking to people who have a shared passion related to computers. If you see him at an ACM meeting go say hi and tell him about something you think is innteresting!

Calvin Wetzel

Calvin Wetzel

Senior Advisor

Calvin is a Senior Computer Science Student from Niskayuna, NY. Outside of ACM and CS, Calvin has interests in Math, as well as being a part of Theta Tau and a Jazz Ensemble here on campus. (If you ask nicely, maybe he'll play his trombone for the club).


Arib Chowdhury

Senior Advisor

Arib is a Senior computer science major. His favorite projects he worked on were Where's Waldo but in Google Street View and a Dynamic Hand Gesture Recognizer. You'll normally find him playing Valorant or listening to music in his free time. He joined ACM in order to learn cool topics and to talk to people interested in computer science.


Emma Topolovec

Social Media Manager

Emma is a Senior computer science major from Huntington, NY. She has worked on a variety of projects, including a physics simulator, an automated internship newsletter, and a program that prints selfies of museum guests on an IBM printer from 1959. She loves learning new things and being able to teach programming concepts at ACM workshops. Outside of CS, Emma enjoys listening to music and backpacking.


Johnny Lu


Johnny is a Sophomore studying computer science from Lynbrook, NY. Outside of schoolwork, Johnny likes to play videogames, read novels, and practice the piano. He joined ACM to meet people who have similar interests and hopes to learn about interesting topics alongside the entirety of ACM. Feel free to come talk to him about anything!


Vincent Lee


Vincent is a Junior computer science major from Temple City, California. He is interested in many things, such as math, cybersecurity, and general CS topics. Outside of the classroom, he is the Co-President of the Binghamton University Table Tennis club and is involved in InterVarsity Christian Fellowship (IVCF). He also enjoys cooking, hiking, and wearing white shoes. Feel free to say hi if you see him!


Jason Chan


Jason is a Junior studying computer science from Queens, New York. He enjoys working on most back-end topics and tries to avoid anything involving creative design. In his spare time, he reads fiction and light novels, watches anime, and plays some games. He also loves to eat basically anything aside from his mom’s cooking.


Benjamin Panamdanam

Project Manager Trainee

Benjamin is a computer science student from Cortlandt Manor, NY. He is exploring what he wants to do for computer science, but he is interested in fintech, cybersecurity and machine learning. He is on the EBoard for ACM and HackBU. Outside of college, he enjoys exercising, watching movies, hanging out with friends and traveling.


Michael Fehrer

Webmaster Trainee

Michael is a junior computer science student from Chenango Forks, NY. He's into web and cloud development. His projects include a volunteering website built with a team during the 2023 HackBU Hackathon and other web applications that include games and backend technologies. He's also a software engineering team member in the Binghamton Tech Collective. Outside of college, he enjoys reading, watching shows, listening to music, and exploring the outdoors.


Jack Hannagan

Secretary Trainee

Jack is a Sophomore majoring in computer science from Rochester, NY. He likes investigating topics related to web security, combinatorics, and cryptography, and outside of classes, he plays in Binghamton University’s Club Ultimate Frisbee team and serves as an intern for the LGBTQ center. He also loves music, books, and TV shows in his spare time. He joined ACM to learn about cool concepts and strengthen the community of computer science students.


Justin Durko

Treasurer Trainee

Justin is a Sophomore majoring in computer science and math. His main technical interests are in cybersecurity and hardware design, and enjoys learning the low-level aspects of computer science. Outside of class, he enjoys drawing, cooking and playing eight-ball pool. He hopes that more people can find what interests them at ACM and make great friends and connections.


Stephanie Zhou

Social Media Trainee

Stephanie is a Freshman studying computer science from Manhattan, New York. She’s interested in potentially pursuing a career in Cybersecurity or Software Development in the future. Outside of ACM, she is also the Media Producer for Asian Outlook, the literary, creative, and political arm of Asian Student Union. In her free time, she likes to play video games, hang out with her friends, draw, and learn new things!


Mathew Isac

Project Manager Trainee

Mathew is a freshman computer science and statistics major from New City, NY. Mathew enjoys reading mystery novels, watching anime, and going on hikes/walks. He joined ACM to find other people who are as interested in him in cs and to socialize. He hopes to keep learning more about various topics. Mathew is also involved in Unkai Daiko where he plays taiko, traditional Japanese drums. Feel free to reach out to him if you wanna chat!

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